The Umbrella Pod

The Umbrella Pod is an inspirational podcast created by John Michael Pierce and Landon Crowder. The Umbrella Pod was originally created with the idea that “We don’t cover anything, we cover everything,” just like an umbrella. We also loved the idea of an umbrella because even though life will throw you some storms, that shouldn’t keep you from living and getting out in the rain. Grab your umbrella and go! 

With this platform John Michael was very excited to share his outlook and journey with cancer as well as feature many other topics including businesses, conspiracy theories, entrepreneurs, memories with friends and family, real life miracles and so much more.

Michelle Jenkins, John Michael's sister, will continue JM's vision by co-hosting future podcasts with Landon. About once a month a new podcast will be released so be sure to follow along on their Instagram, @theumbrellapod, to see when a new episode is out.

We’re excited to see where this podcast goes so be sure to tune in and enjoy.