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John Michael Pierce Foundation

John Michael Pierce Entrepreneurial Fund

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The John Michael Pierce Entrepreneurial Fund has been established to honor and continue John Michael's legacy as a fun loving, entrepreneurial and impactful person.

The purpose of the fund is to invest in aspiring entrepreneurs, like John Michael, who are chasing their dreams.

Every year, an entrepreneur with the best business idea will be chosen to receive up to $100,000 in funding. Selection criteria will be based on quantitative analysis of the entrepreneur's plan as well as how the entrepreneur matches the personality and enthusiasm of John Michael.

To donate online, please select an amount above. If you prefer to mail your donation, send to:

John Michael Pierce Entrepreneurial Fund
2400 5th Avenue South, Suite 200
Birmingham AL 35233

John Michael would love knowing that this fund for entrepreneurs was created in his honor and that it will help someone's dreams come true!

Thank you.